Your Account & Channel


Your Account

Your BigMarker account is free. With it, you can attend most public webinars on the platform and subscribe to most public channels. However, some public events require purchasing a ticket, and some public channels require a paid subscription. To host webinars, you'll need a channel.


What is a Channel?

BigMarker's not just another software tool for one-off webinars. Sure, you can host one-off sessions here, but we know you aspire to more. Channels are where online events happen. Create one for your company or organization, the webinar series you've been meaning to start, an online course, or really anything else. Then, host your webinars on your channel, create great content, and grow your audience over time.


DigitalEd @ MediaShift is a PBS-backed initiative to extend access to digital skills.


Channels for webinar series

Channels are best organized around a particular organization, topic, or subject. Many of them exist perpetually -- meaning that they regularly host webinars, every week or every month, for a number of years. But you can also create a channel to host a finite webinar series. Whether you're live streaming a 3-day in-person conference or hosting a full-day web summit featuring panelists from around the globe, your BigMarker channel gives you everything you need to build, promote, monetize, and deliver your webinar series.