Introduction to BigMarker


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BigMarker’s webinar platform is the easiest way to present to and engage with audiences of any size. Since 2011, we’ve been building BigMarker as an end-to-end platform for hosts of all types of webinars — including workshops, virtual meetups, classes and training, presentations and demos, live streams, and private sessions — with all the tools you need to successfully reach and grow your audience.


In this article, you'll find

  • Key features

  • Ways to use webinars

  • Pricing plans

  • How to get help


Key Features

BigMarker gives you the tools you need to make your webinars a success. Unlike other platforms, which were first built 20+ years ago, BigMarker is built only the latest technologies, so it provides your audience the best possible experience. Second, we got tired of piecing together many separate tools to handle the whole event lifecycle — from scheduling, to promoting, selling tickets, hosting live, recording, and curating content to build an audience. So BigMarker offers an end-to-end platform that covers the complete lifecycle, so you don’t have to spend time (and money) on different products to get things done. BigMarker offers:

  • Scheduling and promotion: Tools to promote and manage your webinar. Send email invitations, promote on social networks, and integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, and the other CRM/marketing automation tools you use.

  • Monetization: Monetize your content, either directly by selling tickets to your webinars, or indirectly by adding custom forms for lead generation to grow the top of your funnel.

  • Customize the experience: While other platforms make you download software branded by the platform provider, webinars on BigMarker run easily in the browser, with no plugins, allowing you to brand it with your logo and color scheme. You can also do things like add your Twitter hashtag and pre-load videos from your YouTube channel.

  • Present live: BigMarker offers the most advanced webinar and online event delivery platform. Engage up to thousands of people, depending on your plan size, in a web browser, with no downloads and no plugins. On the go? We have apps for iOS and Android. Make it interactive! This is not just a one-way broadcast; open the microphones and call on anyone to participate. Record sessions and publish them on your channel.

  • Your Channel: Engage and grow your audience between live sessions. Build a library of recorded webinars, and even charge for premium content. Channels can be public or private, free to subscribe or paid. In addition to charging subscription fees, you can also set prices to individual webinars and recordings on your channel.

  • Your meeting space: One-click online meetings and screen shares, leveraging BigMarker’s powerful online event technology, but tailored for a turnkey experience as your always-on online meeting room.


Ways to use webinars

Webinars are the perfect way to present to and engage your audience, whether they are prospects, customers, students, members of your organization, fans, or anyone else.

  • Marketing: Host webinars, product demonstrations, and both live and recorded video sessions for content marketing and lead generation.

  • Selling: Host customer onboarding and training sessions, product demonstrations, and meetings that build relationships built on trust.

  • Learning: Host classes, training sessions, coaching sessions, and opportunities for customer development. Sessions can be free, or you can charge a price and collect payments.

  • Live Events: Live stream your next event, webcast from your computer, or host full-day or multi-day web summits to bring your content to people around the world.


Pricing Plans

BigMarker offers unlimited webinar hosting and all features, with prices that vary depending on your audience size. Check out our pricing page here.

  • Includes unlimited webinars and recordings on your channel

  • We offer bigger plans for up to 10,000 attendees. Just contact us


How to get help

BigMarker offers a ton of resources to answer your questions and become a successful webinar host. Here are a few options available:

  • Schedule a 1:1 Demo: One of our experts would be happy to show you around and answer your questions

  • Contact our Sales Team: Looking for high volume pricing, or something custom? Shoot us an email at or call us toll-free at +1 888.259.9232

  • Help Center: Helpful articles that answer the most common questions we get

  • Live Chat: Real time support from a webinar expert

  • Email Support: Our dedicated team has your back

  • Attend a Group Demo: See if one of our upcoming sessions fits your schedule