BigMarker for Webcasting

Webinars and online events are a powerful medium for webcasting. Here are a few of our favorite ways hosts are using it…

Large-Scale Webinar Hosting

The webinar is a highly engaging content medium that can accommodate audiences of just about any size. Professional Associations, Corporations and Thought Leaders all use webinars to share their knowledge and expertise with thousands in real-time. Whether you already have a large following or you’re just starting out, webinars can scale with you to meet your audience capacity needs every step of the way.


Event Live Streaming

Why limit your audience to one room when you can stream your events online, in real-time, to thousands around the world? Live-streaming can drastically increase event turnout by removing geographical barriers and other external factors that may limit live attendance rates at your events. Plus, the ability to charge tickets for the virtual experience opens up an additional revenue stream that can exponentially increase your ROI.