BigMarker for Teaching

Webinars and online events are a powerful medium for educators. Here are a few of our favorite ways educators are using it…

Monetize Your Knowledge

Lectures don’t have to be limited to the classroom, and neither does tuition. Hosting ticketed, online classes not only accommodates the busy, often unpredictable schedules of your students, but also knocks down geographical barriers to help you reach a greater audience. Built-in payment processing is another time-saver, allowing you to easily to monetize your content by charging tickets for your live and recorded sessions.

Interactive eLearning

Webinars give educators the ability to connect with students online on a personal level that traditional eLearning environments lack. Present files, share videos, and annotate documents in real-time while streaming live video to your students, or enable attendee cameras for a more engaging conversation. Whether you are looking to supplement or replace in-person classes, webinars are a powerful solution for all teaching needs.