BigMarker for Selling

Webinars and online events are a powerful medium for sellers. Here are a few of our favorite ways sales teams are using it...


Product Demos

Demoing digital products is both an art and a science. How do you captivate your audience's attention, address their specific needs (and potential objections), while also conveying the key points of your message? No matter what strategy, flow, or cadence you use, getting it right is a high stakes game. We've seen a lot of product demos -- good and bad. So our support team is here to help. Emails us at, and one of our product specialists can help you craft a more engaging -- and hopefully convincing -- product demo.

Customer Training

Onboarding new customers or converting trial customers requires a multi-channel approach. Some customers prefer the self-service route, reading your blog or help center. But others prefer a higher-touch channel. Our online events platform is geared to help you provide customer training that inspires confidence and saves you time and headaches.