Piktochart is the leading online platform for creating infographics. But with millions of users around the world, it needed a way to educate, activate, and help them be successful. So the team turned to BigMarker to connect with customers, no matter where they are.



Piktochart is the easiest way to make infographics online. But because infographics are inherently a rich medium, there is a learning curve to traverse before a first time user becomes a master. And like the users of any software product, the marketers, bloggers, and educators using Piktochart are busy, and sometimes need a nudge to help them overcome initial questions or the uncertainty that comes with adopting a new tool.

"BigMarker makes for impactful customer demos. The no-frills, no-download product customized with our branding is professional and confidence inspiring."

- Justin W., Customer Success Guru


The Piktochart Customer Success team started by scheduling weekly group demo sessions at varying times, to try to capture as many new users as possible. These sessions quickly grew to reach thousands of people. But when BigMarker launched its always-on, one-click meeting space product, the team quickly jumped on board and hasn’t looked back. Now customer success gurus can seamlessly move from email or chat support to an online demo (complete with live video and screen sharing) instantly, just by sharing a link. And because BigMarker works in the browser, with no downloads or plugins, customers get in instantly without disruption.

Piktochart takes visual communication to the next level. Above: The company's homepage featuring the product being used in a Spanish classroom.


Piktochart’s product demonstrations and trainings have become an instrumental part of the customer activation and conversion process. Says Justin: “Before BigMarker, we relied on self-service tools like videos, and lower-touch tools such as email and chat, to educate our users about features and help them get up to speed. BigMarker gives us a high-touch, high-fidelity option to better communicate with, inspire confidence in, and ultimately build stronger relationships with our audience — turning more of them from new users to loyal customers.”



Piktochart is the easy-to-use infographic maker, helping users take communication to the next level, even without design skills. The team (designers by trade) started in 2011 after realizing that ‘infographics’ were it, and anyone at all serious about communication would eventually look into creating one. 5 years and over 5 million users later, they’re moving faster than ever!


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