1. If you want to monetize your webinar, find 'Sell Tickets' on the Edit page

By default, your webinar will be free to attend. But you have the option to add tickets or ask attendees to make an optional donation to your initiative.


2. Name your price

You can now choose a price to attend your webinar live, and one to view the recording. They can be the same, or you can discount one over the other. You're also given two additional options: 1. You get a coupon code that you can give to your friends so they can bypass payment; and 2. Allow visitors to your webinar page to attend for free by sharing. This last option is particularly useful in increasing the traffic driven to your page.


3. Or ask for an optional donation

If you ask attendees to make an optional donation, they'll be prompted to when registering, but will still be able to register if they decline.


4. After your webinar, withdraw funds to PayPal

Proceeds from ticket sales go into your Treasury, which you can access from your settings. There, it's simply to initiate a transfer to your PayPal account.