BigMarker for Marketing

Webinars and online events are a powerful medium for marketers. Here are a few of our favorite ways marketers are using it...


Lead Generation

Webinars and online events help you reach new audiences of people interested in your topic. They may not have heard about your brand or product, but you can already start to establish yourself as an authority in your space through the compelling content you create. Executed the right way, such as by collecting the right data and triggering the right offers at the right time, you can help move prospects along on the journey to become loyal customers.

Content Marketing

Webinars and online events are great tools for content marketing because they establish your credibility within your market space, while -- more importantly -- providing valuable, educational content to your audience. Pro tip: customize your content for each segment of your audience. For example, do broader for prospects at the top of the funnel, and deeper on your solution for those close to converting.

Thought Leadership

Webinars and online events can get you noticed. We've had customers start out hosting a webinar series, and after some time, they began getting requests to speak at conferences or host on-site workshops at companies. If you're selling a product or service that hinges on your knowledge or experience, being a thought leader is crucial to your long-term success. Webinars are a great way to start today.